Swim Team 2021-we need volunteers/google form

Sent by Swim Team (Owens, Russell and Cassie) on 2/9/2021. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi there,

An email was sent out about a week and a half ago asking for help.  We now need 3 parent volunteers (swim team parent-managers) to help run swim team otherwise we will not be able to have one this summer!    Please also use this form to help us gauge interest:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMav8AItX3IGaYMr-DT9b8FCluwIFWsCZP1K2yOeOsRroS_A/viewform

Responsibilities to be divided between 4 parents include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Interview and hire coaches for 2021 season  (first check with prior coaches and interview only if needed)

  • Learn registration process via swimtopia (template is developed, just need to understand and send it out)

  • Manage swimtopia site and post updates, swim team dates (practices, meets) and volunteer opportunities

  • Liaison with ASA to understand rules and important info for 2021 season

  • Learn High Tek computer system to help run meets 

  • Find a volunteer to reach out to sponsors and collect $ (we have prior sponsors and relationships)

  • Find a volunteer to coordinate Caps, T shirts (we have info regarding vendors and process) 

  • Find a volunteer to take team photo

  • Find a volunteer to get end of season awards 
  • One of the managers to be at morning practice most days per week to answer parent questions

  • Coordinate volunteers at meets: be sure that parents are signed up for every available signup: concession/bullpen/timers/judge/announcer/etc….  For both halves of the meet… 

  • Set up,and break down meets (Typically meets are Tuesdays)

  • Coordinate donuts for Wednesday practice after meet for all age groups

  • Liaison with championship meet at GA Tech (if it happens) -- Typically need at least one mom/manager down there

Thank you. 

Vermack Swim Team