Swim Team Registration THIS WEEK!!

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*We are sending to whole club, you are not on a list and I will not invite you to a Pampered Chef party, I promise. (Although who doesn't love Pampered Chef?) This e-mail and next e-mail are just to make sure we don't miss anyone from the whole club. :)


Hello to the best looking swim parents we know…like even when they aren’t wearing a mask… :)   Best news ever, the Vermack swim registration link from swimtopia (where we register and pay) will be delivered to your inbox this week!  Talk about Christmas in March, first one to sign up and register wins!  And if that isn’t exciting enough, below is a “basic" outline of our season!  (Are we full service or what?) 

Meets are Tuesdays 5/25* school in session, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 and Monday 6/21  (We won’t know home/away until May…hey that rhymed.)  End of season par-tay 6/22 and Divisionals are 6/23

May 10th - 28th After school practice while Dekalb in session 4pm-6:15pm

4:00 6 and unders (30 mins)

4:30 7/8 (30 mins)

5:00 9/10 (30 mins)

5:30 11 and up (45 mins)


May 31st - June 18th Schools out…Morning practice

8:30am 6 and unders (30 mins)

9:00 7/8  (30 mins)

9:30 9/10  (45 mins)

10:15 11 and up (45 mins)


May 31st - June 18th on M/W/Th's)  Evening practices for kids who have camp and miss morning practice 

6:15-6:45 6 and unders and 7/8, 

6:45-7:30 9/10 and 11 and ups.


2121 Costs…. we are ditching t-shirts/caps to keep the cost down!  

$125 per kid

$350 family max price

$15 for kids 15 and over

ASA is $40-ish  (You HAVE to register if you are swimming in the meets)

Family sponsorships (Optional)  this will be our slush fund to possibly add shirts, swag, donuts, pictures, equipment, coaches bonuses etc.  

Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind… where am I going to get a speedo for a 6’6” 325 pound kid?!?  I have no idea, but, covid seems like no big deal compared to that, right?.  Our Covid plan at this point is undecided, with a rapid # of people being vaccinated plus the people who have had it, we are thinking, that with any luck things will “back to normal” by May 10th.  So, we are going to meet May 1st and figure out if we need to implement any “safety” plans for the season.  (No one will be swimming in a bubble on my watch. :)  ASA has left it up to the policies of our pool, so more to come.

Whooosh, I am exhausted, did you actually read all that?…  Look for the swimtopia link later this week and WOO-HOO 62 days and counting.  XOXOX, Julie, Karen and Susan

Julie Erickson - julerickson@att.net or 414-573-4284