Vermack Pool Closed 8/16/2021IAdditional closings

Sent by Harrison Nathan, President (Nathan, Harrison & Rebecca) on 8/16/2021. This announcement was emailed to all users

The lifeguard that we had scheduled for this week has just tested positive for COVID-19 and unable to work for the next 10 days.  The last time this guard was at our pool was July 22nd.

Newest Schedule

Monday 3-8       Closed

Tuesday 3-8       Open

Wenesday 3-8    Open

Thursday 10-8    Working on coverage

Friday 10-4         Working on coverage

Friday 4-10         Open

Saturday             Working on coverage

Sunday               Working on coverage


I'll provide status updates as often as possible.  

I'm here to help answer any questions that you have, email me at if needed.  Trust me, I'm very frustrated with this situation too.