Lots of Swim Team things

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What a happy way to start a Friday....a very long-long e-mail about swim team!! LOL!  

#1 Divisionals, I just sent you an e-mail about div., but if your child would like to swim, please e-mail Maggie and let her know which 2 events they would like to swim. :)(6 and unders, which 1 event-)  The meet is June 29th at the GEORGIA TECH pool, session 1, 9am.  If you swimmer advances, it will continue to Saturday.  Please touch base with Maggie if you have any questions. 

#2 Results from Chastain are in!  Please see attached. 

#3 Home strectch!!!  It's hard to believe that we only have two home meets left in the season!  As always, please RSVP ASAP (Meet #4  http://paperless.ly/Ld0ngk, Meet #5  http://paperless.ly/Jup2Tc and if you want to volunteer, please sign up here!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C044CA5AC23A13-1sthome

#4 End of Season Awards Banquet- mark your calendars, let the secretary know!  June 27th 6-9pm. 

-The SLIDE WILL be at our party and the pool will be closed to just us.  Thanks to Nancy Pugmire for being our ice cream picker-upper volunteer!!  :)

-Trophies-Trophies-Tropies....Something NEW!  So please read... The 6 and unders/juniors/and young 7's that did not swim in meets will be getting swim medals this year. Maggie will be doing all the "fun" awards like record breaker, most improved, fish award, etc, but (hang on to your hat kids-) I am NOT ordering trophies for the entire team.  (insert record scratch..errrt)  Couple of things- instead of trophies, we are taking that $1500 (I know,that is like Boardwalk and Park Place!) and buying new lane ropes for the team.  (Ours are falling apart-)  Who needs a 1/2 naked bronzed guy to dust anyway?  (If you answered yes to that question, keep reading...) Now, before you start sending me hate mail, if your child is going to be devasted without a trophy, might I suggest http://www.trophydepot.com/Swimming-Trophies-and-Awards/C241_1/  They will ship straight to your house, and you can let your kid know we are getting trophies, they are just being sent to our houses.  (Seriously, I think of everything... lol)  Also, keep in mind, swim team dues were $15 cheaper this year, so if everyone thinks this is a bad idea, next year I can charge more and bring on the 1/2 naked little guys... :)

-Coaches end of season cash gift!  So lots and lots of peeps sent money in with their registration!  (THANK YOU!!)  I will have that cash on hand to give to our fabulous coaches, who are about to enter the "Ramen Noodle" phase of their lives.. :)  If you did not contribute and WANT TO NOW (Optional!) I will bring envelopes to the end of season party for each coach and you can put whatever you want in each envelope. :)

#5 TEAM SPONSORS!  I just wanted to thank our team sponsors, The AHA Connection, Margavio Realty and Dunwoody Urgent Care!  Also all our family sponsors, The Born/Long Family, Chiles Family, Courtney Family, Erickson Family, Fairris Family, Grashof Family, Greenstein Family, Humphries Family, Joyce Family, McNamara Family, Moon Family, Parker Family, Sedberry/Ruggiero Family, Self Family, Speaks Family, Spratling Family, Tallent Family and Frank & Betsy Wagner Family

#6 (I know this one just keeps going and going!!)  Last one I promise...  Next year, I will be looking for 2 co-chairs to be the supreme goddesses of swim team with me.  It is a 2 year committment, and you do not come out with a degree in the end.. :)  Let me know if you are interested.  Applicants must be organized, bossy and do well under pressure! LOL Also, our Queen of Concessions, Melissa Rothbard is hanging up her apron, we are looking to fill her spot as well.  If you are interested, please let me know ASAP, as you can see how it all works these last couple of home meets.  (More on this to come.. like more until someone volunteers to do it! LOL!)

We made it!  Come cheer your Vermack Dive Team on tonight from 5-7 @ Vermack!