Home meet tomorrow!

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Who is ready to take down Roxboro?  (The Vikings are, the Vikings are! :)

A few things...

1. Liz will be sending the heat sheets out early tomorrow am.  Please be our back up eyes and check for goofies.  It was a HUGE help last week to make corrections during the day as opposed to 3 mins before the meet. So please e-mail Liz or Maggie if you notice a goofy.  :)

2. Volunteering is looking good!  A few open spots, so if you have not signed up, please click here http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C044CA5AC23A13-1sthome

3. Bring your singles, (insert joke here that is not PG...:) the concession stand greatly appreciates people with small bills.  (possibly insert another inappropriate joke? lol!)

4. Let's go nuts for DONUTS!  Who wants to pick up the Dunkin Donut order Weds am?  I have the check- all you have to do is grab the 15 pre-ordered dozens.  :)  Please let me know so I can give you the $ tomorrow night. :)  First person to drive-thru and pick up has my undevoted respect. :)  Thanks to all the Mom's that have picked up so far this season. 

4:15 kids... see you tomorrow!


Also- my kids are all at camp, so I will not be at the morning practices.  If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, 414-573-4284