Roxboro tonight

Sent by Coach Maggie (Joyce, David and Liz) on 6/19/2012. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Couple things-


1. Some of the kids today (my brothers included) seemed rather cocky and sure that we are going to beat Roxboro tonight. However tonight is FAR from a sure win. Roxboro is a competitve team with 200 swimmers, twice our size, and there will be many close races tonight, particuarly in the younger age groups. Please, tell you swimmers to take this meet seriously.


2. BE ON TIME FOR WARM UP. There are always people who come up to me (parents and swimmers) and ask can so-and-so get in the deep end and warm up/ work on turns because they missed warm up. When I let one kid in, suddenly everyone has to get in and work on their turns some more and suddenly there's 50 kids in the deep end, which we all know isn't safe.


Also, Julie will be corraling us for our team picture after we warm up. So please, be on time. 4:15 so you can mark your kid's arm.


3. If you have emailed me as of 5 minutes ago, I have made the changes to the heat sheet you requested. Be sure to re-check the heat sheet when you get to the meet to see what your child is swimming, because there have been a lot of changes. Thanks to everyone who's been looking at the heat sheet and letting us know our mistakes! It's been extremely helpful.


4. That being said, if you're not going to be there CALL ME!! Like, now.



Go vikings!!


see you shortly,


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