Banquet- Family Relays

Sent by Coach Maggie (Joyce, David and Liz) on 6/27/2012. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Bring your racing suits!

This year we are going to bring back the family relays!! There will be two relays: 100 Free and 100 medley (swim lingo that all of you should know at this point!).

In order to keep things brief we will run a maximum of 3 heats in each event, using all 5 lanes. I have put up a sign-up sheet/ poster board on the bulletin board at the pool. The poster has the first 2 heats on it and it's getting full, so I will bring a second sheet when I come tonight for heat 3. I believe the freestyle relays are filling more quickly than the medleys. Entries will be accepted up until 7:30. We will most likely be swimming them after awards and ice cream (so don't eat too much).

The only rule when fielding a relay is that you must have no more than 3 families. That basically means you have to have at least 1 pair of siblings/ 1 child and parent. Parents are not only invited but encouraged to participate. I want to see all you Dunwoody Dinosaurs in the water!

There will be a participation prize for every relay. There won't be any prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc, so don't get too intense about fielding your relay. Just have fun with it :)

See you tonight!



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