Party Reminders!

Sent by Julie Erickson (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 6/27/2012. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

1.  There is a matted pic that we are all signing for DJ Rick Adams!  :)  Please sign when you get a chance.

2. There are cards for our seniors (J.B., Olivia and Nikki) please sign and send them congrats on their future college plans!

3.  There are envelopes for the coaches for $$ for anyone who has not, or wants to donate money to the bonuses.  :)  Each envelope has the specific coaches name on it.  :)

4. Princess of the Pool Liz Joyce is getting basketed!  (Oh yes, I did make that a word...)  Please bring your "Thank you for the millions hours a week, you slave away for our team" gift (if you want) for Liz-  Place your item on the table with her picture on it, and a large bottle of burbon from me! :)

5.  Maggie is doing family races- sign up at the pool!  HOW FUN! And the Erickson's are taking you all down... :)

6.  This is BYOB&D  (21 and older Beverages and Dinner-)  Ice cream and left over concessions soda's will be provided.  :)

7.  (This seems to go on and on..:) Team pictures are printed and ready to be passed out!  Thank you Veronica McNamara-  They are FREE this year.

8. And, this is a family event, siblings and all family members welcome!