The High Dive will be worked on today! :)

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 6/30/2012. This announcement was emailed to all users

Happy Hot Day!!  The perfect day for the pool.  Just wanted to let you all know that the high dive will finally be worked on today!  The pool will remain opened (thank goodness) but the deep end will be closed at 6pm and I am not sure how long it will remain closed (maybe for the rest on the evening).  They will be taking out some concrete, so it may get loud.  I have been told that it will be ready for swan dives and flips TOMORROW!!!!!  YEAHHHH!   As a gift for all your patience :),  your awesome board approved a purchase for new umbrellas.  7 new umbrellas should be delivered to the pool in the next few weeks.  Just in time for the real heat?  Looking forward to some shady relief!   Enjoy your weekend!! Alison James