Championship swimmers!!!!

Sent by Joyce, David and Liz (Joyce, David and Liz) on 7/1/2012. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Good Morning! Ok after much confusion last night we now know who is swimming today! We had 30 swimmer qualify for the championships. The revised psych sheet is posted online but here are the kids we are expecting to see today just in case.


Ashely Altera, Ryan Altera, Abby Cohen, MAddie Cohen, Paige Cohen, Kate Courtney, Tyler COurtney, Andrew Edwards, Delainey Foster, Emma Harrison, Thomas Harrision, Max Hromis, CharlotteKnippenberg, Liam Knippenberg, Avery McDougal, Ethan Moon, Piper Payne, Grace Pugmire, Kate Randolph, Allie Anne Reiter, Kolby Rothbard, Rachel Sinclair, Jonny Slimming, Tyler Speaks, Laura Spratling, Reeves Tallent, Richy Wagner, Izzy Webber and then Ansley Wassell instead of Morgan Speice who was out sick on Friday, and Lea Shine replacing Lauren Grassholf in the 6 and under relay.


If anybody thinks they are going back but doesn't see their name up here let me know and I will double check. And if anyone is up here and NOT going today let me know ASAP.


An email will follow shortly with warm-up times and more info. I'm 90% sure the order of events is the same (ie relays first becasue many kids will not have individuals) but we will double check on that. GO VIKINGS!