High Dive Info.

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 7/31/2012. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi Everyone,  I wanted to update you on the high dive.  Mid June, the lifeguards noticed that the bolts to the ladder were coming out of the ground.  I had contacted our management company and they were going to fix it.  I went out of town the first week of July thinking all was well.  No one had told me while away, that the board was not fixed.  So, my apologies there.  It would have been addressed about three weeks ago had I been informed.  The job however, was too big for a small repair like new bolts for the ladder.  Since home, I have found a highly qualified company that does work on high dives. There are only a few in town. They will have to jack up all the concrete surrounding the entire base and weld new rebar to the anchors under ground.  They will be welding new bolts to the ladder and secure it all.  Part of the problem was our brand new "springy" boards caused the old concrete to give out.  The parts they needed had to be ordered of course, so that has been done.   The company will start work soon after the parts arrive.  I do not have a start date yet.  I am told the job will take two days.  The first day they will have to close the entire pool down while they jack up all the concrete.  I will keep you informed as soon as I find out the specific date.

Also, in regards to the "poop" problem.  I have checked the fence and there are no openings that a large animal can get through.  I have also asked the gate guards to check that families with small children have two diapers on hand. (disposable swim and plastic covering) I have also asked the police to make extra rounds at night just incase there is any funny business going on at night. 

I will be in touch about the high dive repairs. 

Thanks, Alison James