Assistant and Junior Coaches for 2013 season

Sent by Coach Maggie (Joyce, David and Liz) on 8/16/2012. This announcement was emailed to all users


Hello all,

I hope everyone's had a nice first week of school or last week of summer! Shockingly enough we're already gearing up for next season. I will therefore be conducting interviews for anyone interested in being an assistant coach on Sunday, August 26th at 5:00 p.m. There will be a minimum age requirement of 15 (by June 1st) for assistant coaches. For those interested in being junior coaches (swimmers ages 13-15 who help out with the younger practices 1-2 days per week, on a volunteer basis) please email me ASAP. There will be 3-4 junior coach positions, and if 5 or more people email me expressing interest, then I will be holding interviews for junior coaches as well.
Judging by the number of swimmers who have expressed interest in coaching, we may have more swimmers than we have coaching positions. Part of what makes Vermack so successful is our ability to retain our swimmers as they grow up, and I am extremely thankful that we have so many older swimmers of outstanding character and quality. I will do my best to fit as many swimmers into the coaching program as possible, but I unfortunately have a feeling that I will turning away some perfectly good candidates, simply because we have so many. 
In summary, if you would like to be an assistant coach next year please be at Vermack on Sunday, August 26th at 5:00, and if you are interested in being a junior coach please email me ASAP. There may be an interview process for junior coaches as well depending on interest.
Go Vikings!