Vikings ready to rumble in the jungle in 5 months!

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Sorry to be sending this to the WHOLE club, (Happy 2013 everybody, btw!) but wanted to make sure people who did not swim last year and weren't on my e-mail list were in the loop.

Holy swim team in January!  Don't worry I am not going to be asking for money just yet, but wanted to give you a quick run down/calendar for the 2013 Vermack Vikings season.  (10 bonus points for actually reading the whole e-mail! :)

#1. Great news!  We have convinced/bribed coach Maggie to come back for a 2nd season.  Joining her will be Senior Ast. Coaches Johnny Slimming and Melissa McLarty, Ast. Coaches Adam Stecher and Charlotte Knippenberg, and Junior Coaches Izzy Weber, Laura Spratling, Allie Anne Reiter and Paige Cohen.  THANK YOU to everyone that interviewed with Coach Maggie!  :)  We have taken on more coaches this year, to make the lesson size smaller.  :)  You're welcome...

#2.  DeKalb county schools calendar is screwing our season up!  Good news, the swim team is still accredited... lol  (too soon?) But DeKalb is shorting the summer and putting everyone into panic mode on family vacation/camp time.  After chatting with the past swim team goddesses, we want to tell you this... We would rather have you ON swim team and miss some of the meets than not have you at all.  (And if you are going on a fabulous vacation, please take us with you.. :) Seriously though, we can make anything work, let me know if you have issues.  It wouldn't be a swim season without you!

#3.  Volunteering... (already?)  No skipping to #4....  So here is the scoop.  I need a better half.  (Did I just propose? I did and I need you.)  If you would like to co-manage with me, I want you!  Also looking for someone to be the goddess/god of diving.. :)  And surprisingly, there are no qualifications, if you have a heart beat, you win! HA-HA!  Let me know.  This is a 2 year job, I am in my 2nd, so time to train the next goddess/god and move on.  

Also, we need a concessions leader/team. (Shout out to Melissa Rothbard for rocking it for the last couple years!)  We should have only 2 home meets this year and it brings in lots of $$$$ for the team.  Let me know if you are interested and yes, I will most likely keep annoying everyone until someone volunteers... :)  

#4. Registration-  Forms will go out towards the end of March.  (So pay that Christmas amex bill... we have time.) just FYI- it will be around the same as last year, swim- $115 individual/$300 family max and dive $75 individual/$200 family max.  In the mean time, you are welcome to register with asa @ (you know, the good looking people always register early... :)  

#5. The suits... Ok- so the way it has worked in the past is that our team has had a "2 year" suit.  Where every 2 years they discontinue the suit pattern and then we have to all get new ones.  In my quest to change and conquer the world with common sense, I am getting us off this 2 year plan and moving us to a solid navy suit.  (Although obviously the kids will out grown them at some point-)  We will still work with "The Swim Shop" but I am also having Sports Authority stock up on several navy blue TYR and Speedo suits.  (So when your kid rips a hole in it, you can go get one locally...just me?  maybe- :) "The Swim Shop" will still have their day at Vermack this spring for you to try on if you want to go through them.  The date TBA- but FYI... 

#6. LAST ONE!  Below is a ROUGH outline of the season.  A more specific-finalized calendar will be out in March with the registration.  


Monday, May 13th: First day of AFTERNOON practice  Swim and Dive

Tuesday, May 21st: Time Trials

Thursday, May 23rd: Last day of AFTERNOON practice (and last day of school for Dekalb County)

Monday, May 27th: First day of MORNING practice (also, Memorial Day)

**however, no evening practice on Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28th: First Meet

Wednesday, May 29th: First day of EVENING practice

Tuesday, June 4th: Second Meet

Tuesday, June 11th: Third Meet

Saturday, June 15th: Kids for Kids Meet @Marist

Tuesday, June 18th Fourth Meet

Friday, June 21st- Dive meet  (Inter Vermack-)

Monday, June 24th: Last day of EVENING Practice

Tuesday, June 25th: Fifth Meet

Wednesday, June 26th End of Season Banquet

Divisionals Thursday-Saturday, June 27-29, Championships Sunday June 30th


Practice Times:

Afternoon practice (May 13th-23rd)

4-4:30  6 & unders     Dive 7/8’s

4:30-5  7/8’s              Dive 6 & under

5-5:30 9/10’s             Dive 11 & over

5:30-6:15 11 & over   Dive 9/10’s


**NOTE: the 11 and over time slot is different from last year; it’s 15 minutes longer


Morning practice (May 27th onward)

8:30-9  6 & unders Dive 7/8’s

9-9:30  7/8’s Dive 6 & unders

9:30-10:15 9/10s           Dive 11 and over

10:15-11 11 and overs Dive 9/10’s


Evening Practice (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays May 29th onward)

6:30-7:15 8 and unders                Dive 11 and over

7:15-8 11 and overs                     Dive 8 and unders


Euwssshhh- we made it!  Happy Monday, Happy 2013!  Questions?  Please e-mail me or Coach Maggie