Party Contacts: Lisa Guggenheim 

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Please review the Full Pool Rules and our Pool Hours located on this web site.


Plans for all parties must be made through the pool committee, who will assist with necessary arrangements with Sweetwater Pool Management.  In general, all parties will be subject to the following regulations

  1. No parties on weekends or holidays from 1-6 p.m.
  2. Guest limit:  numbers of guests permitted is at the discretion of the pool committee and Vermack's pool management company.
  3. Party hosts may be subject to an extra charge for an additional lifeguard, depending on the the number of guests.  Every person entering the pool area is considered a guest, including parents watching.  

For members, please contact Lisa Guggenheim to schedule your party on the Vermack calendar. 

Food/Beverages: Food is permitted at the picnic tables in the area in front of the pool house and in the area behind the pool house. Parents are responsible for cleaning up after their children (this may include hosing down an area, if necessary, to prevent the spread of ants and other insects). Glass containers of any type can NEVER be carried around the pool deck. Beverages from glass containers must be poured into a plastic or other suitable container. Glass bottles can NEVER be deposited in the trash cans within the pool area.

All children not toilet trained will be required to wear swim diapers in both pools. In addition to a disposable swim diaper, rubber pants will also be necessary to wear over the swim diaper. Your non toilet trained child will not be allowed in the pool unless they are wearing a swim diaper and rubber pants. The club will have some rubber pants on hand to purchase for $3. These rubber pants can also be purchased at WalMart. 

Life guards will take a safety break each hour from quarter of to the hour.  During this time, pool use is limited to adults over 16 and children under three. Children will not be allowed to sit on the steps.